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KBBS Samiti`s

Sri Kottala Basaveshwara Bharateeya Shikshana Samiti was started in the year 1974 on the auspicious Basant Pachami day with the kind benediction from Poojya Sri Madivalayya swamjii in SEDAM, a taluk head quarter in GULBARGA district of KARNATAKA. Samiti started working in the field of education by starting a nursery school. This tiny school started in a dilapidated building with 15 students has become a mammoth education complex with primary, high school, PU College, Degree college with Commerce PG center, Law College, D.Ed College, CBSE English medium school with hostel facilities, etc.

It has got branches in Kolkunda, Mudhol and Chincholi of Gulbarga district. At present it has got more than 7000 students on its roll. The teaching and non teaching staff exceeds 400. Along with imparting education, efforts are on to make the school a center of Social Change. Samiti also runs, computer centre, Gymnasium and regularly conducts teachers training programs, coaching classes of CET students in different disciplines of learning. Sri KBBS Samiti extended its horizons to cultural, philosophical and literary aspects of life, whereby the students of the institution blossomed with a strong scientific base. The school was intended to be a centre for social change. In the process, it rallied around a set of compassionate citizens in the society. Yet, the feeling of backwardness kept gnawing from within.

Shree Kottala Basaveshwara Bharateeya Shikshana Samiti has celebrated it`s Silver Jubilee Festival in January 1999. On the occasion elders, well-wishers & Saints have encouraged & blessed to work more for society through education. ¬¬

Continued contemplations to bring about a sustained development culminated into the formation of Hyderabad Karnataka Abhvruddhi Vibhaga (HKAV). renowned thinker Sri K N Govindacharya addressed and steered the 300 workers’ gathering on 16 Jan 2004 in Gulbarga to commence a movement that would create history in this region. HKAV with Bharat Vikas Sangam (BVS) gradually brought together people working for the welfare of mankind. This ‘Sajjana shakti’ found a direction in the radiance of Sri Govindacharyaji’s watchwords, ‘My District, My World’, My village My Nation and started working at the root-level, inspiring the people to get results employ universal results and at the same time encompassing ground realities (Think globally, act locally).

From 2004 to 2006 HKAV with its 5 Jilla Sanchalaks & 26 Taluka Sanchalaks formed a working team under the directions of think tank headed by Sri Basavaraj Patil Sedam who could able to establish a network in HK Region to eradicate a cursed nameplate “Backward Area”. Hyderabad Karnataka Abhvruddhi Vibhaga had successfully organized a 6 day Hyderabad Karnataka Jagruti Jatre from 30th Dec 2006 to 04-Jan 2007 at sedam.

During the course of development new entrepreneurs , Visionaries & generous donors came forward for the Philanthropic work. A national level platform (BVS) working for overall ecofriendly agro based development on the ideas of Sri K.N. Govindacharya`s rich experience of travel, study theme & implementation in different areas. Hyderabad Karnataka is a land of experiment for Govindacharya`s thoughts like Jal Jungle Jan Janvar Jamin ki rakshan aur poshan respecting own mother, Gou mata and Dharti mata.Change of the attitude is the need of the hour.

HKAV with the collaboration of BVS organized a 10 day Mega Event ''Kalburgi Kampu'' 2010 and Bharat Vikas Sangam 3 in Gulbarga. The 10 days long events of KALBURGI Kampu are being organized to hit on the lethargic attitudes of mankind with a break through thinking. Bringing together good people who wish to do good for the country and its people, will intern drive into a multiple confidence building exercise , and will give a new spirit to the Sajjan Shakti of the country.

Following are the themes

1. Total education for total transformation

2. Good woman makes a great nation

3. Education is the manifestation of perfection already existed in man

4. Dreams float on turbulent young minds, a mind which wants to bring new order, an order of strength and     thundering power

5. Facilitate production by mass

6. A sound body will be the home of a sound mind

7. Krishitho Nasthi durbhikshaha

8. Dharmo Rakshathi Rakshitha

Sevaa hi parmo dharma

Krinvanto vishwamaryam

These are all executable components of BVS based on Sahasa (-Adventure)

1. Pahal(Experiment)

2. Prayog(Implementation).

3. Wherever necessary we have to go for

4. Samvad(discussion)

5. Sahamathi(acceptance)

6. Sahakar(cooperation)

After the grand success of these program Samiti is looking forward to see a big change in the thinking pattern of the people. Even though the total development of any region is always coupled with educational development it is not only this segment which needs attention for a meaningful change, in the society. other vital segments of growth like agriculture & rural development, industry, health & environment, women empowerment need to be upgraded. The youth section should be energized. Combined effort in all these segments will eventually usher the necessary developmental process which will culminate in a developed region.To mobilize social network, the relations and contacts of good people visited, participated, enjoyed and became part and parcel of our theme based development activity whole heartedly and encourage to continue this movement of Vikas i.e. Vikas Patha in our area. The visionary of our area Shri Basawaraj Patil Sedam after consulting all concerned personalities decided to start Vikas Academy. It is unique outcome of 12lakhs people visited Kalburgi Kampu, We are all its workers and beneficiaries to. under the execution of same working team of HKAV. With this mindset a trust namely VIKAS ACADEMY, an offshoot of the Samiti was started on 29th May 2011 having head quarter at Gulbarga. The goal of the Vikasa Academy is Samagra Vikas to Akshaya Vikasa.