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About Vikasa

Samagra Vikasa  to Akshaya Vikasa.

21st century is witnessing innumerable transformations in the life style of people. Everywhere the rural life is gradually transforming into urban mode, consumerism is going at an alarming speed, the mindset that the whole world is meant only for mankind are some of the bane of the century. It is equally true that some saner voices are constantly advising us that the above notion are not feasible and we are going to witness enormous erosion in all spheres of life. Breaking up of family life, erratic changes in climatic conditions, depleting natural resources are some of the glaring imbalances that everyone of us is experiencing. In this scenario some noble thoughts like think globally-act locally, preserve and protect jal, Jamin, Jangal, Janwar, Juban, Jantu, Jeevi, nature friendly life style, my district my world, are gradually unfolding. In the light of these noble thoughts many philanthropic individuals and organization are steadfastly working to bring these utopian thoughts to ground level. Surabhi Shodha Sansthan, working in the field of eco friendly agricultural system, Varnasi(Uttar Pradesh), Shivaganga Project working in the tribal belt of Jabua(Madhya Pradesh), Vande Mataram Foundation in the educational field, Hyderabad(Andra Pradesh).the philanthropic service rendered by Sri Kadasiddeshwar Swamiji Kanheri Math, Kolhapur(Maharashtra) in village upliftment programme are some eye catching examples. Vikas Academy, Gulbarga Karnataka is also one such organization which is working in total development of Hyderabad Karnataka region of Karnataka comprising Bidar, Gulbarga, Yadagir, koppal and Raichur Districts.

Unfurling a thought process:
An epoch making event unfurled in the year 1956. Major Kannada speaking areas which were not part of erstwhile Mysore state ruled by Maharaja of Mysore merged into Mysore state which eventually became the curtain raiser for the state of Karnataka. Subsequent to this merger, comprising erstwhile old Mysore state, the coastal region, the tiny Coorg, Bombay Karnataka and Hyderabad Karnataka gave rise to Karnataka as it is today. Out of all these constituent areas Hyderabad Karnataka region is the most backward in 22 out of 26 growth parameters as enumerated by D.M. Nanjundappa Committee constituted by Government of Karnataka. Glaring imbalance in Hyderabad Karnataka Region made many non-government agencies to find ways and means to eradicate the imbalance and pave the way for healthy and people friendly, development programmes and projects. Sri Kottala Basaveshwara Bharatiya Shikshana Samiti, Sedam is one such organization which has been aspiring for a meaningful change in this region. The Samiti was started in the year 1974, Vasanta Panchami day under the benediction of Poojya Sri Madivalayya Swamiji in Sedam, a remote Taluk Headquarter in the Northern most tip of Hyderabad Karnataka. Samiti began its work in a very humble way by starting a Nursery School in a dilapidated Temple complex at Sedam. The reason to start its activities in the field of education was quite simple. By imparting quality education in any region, all other growth potential would fall in line. Samiti was of the opinion that it had to adopt a process, a procedure & a psyche for any meaningful development to occur in the region. A region with long cultural ethos, cradle for Sharana and Dasa Paramparas, which has brilliantly kept a rendezvous with Art & literature for more than a millennium is surely capable of comparable feat in human development too. Only thing that is needed is an urge to excel. The background may be different for different regions but the underlying faith is one and the same.

Powering the dream:
Nursery school was an entry point which blossomed into primary school, high school, junior college, first grade college, D.Ed., college, CBSE school, Law college and English medium schools. Along with imparting education Samiti also organized workshops for Teachers, Bala Sangama, science exhibition, sports meet, and many philanthrophic activities such as free medical aid centre, school of music, gymnasium, Goshala and a training centre for students who aspire to take competitive examinations etc., Samiti also started its branches in other parts of Gulbarga District Like Kolkunda Mudhol and adjoing Chincholi Taluka.

It also shared its educational expertise with other like minded educational institutions of the dist. Samithi acted as a catalytic agent in giving valuable academic guidance to many education institutions in Gulbarga dist. The sphere of influence of samiti particularly in education field encompassed the whole of Gulbarga dist.

Samiti is being ably guided by Shikshana Vikasa Parishad Bangalore and Vidya Bharati New Delhi. The cardinal principle that guided all the educational activities of the Samiti has been that the school should be the centre for social change and work for the change one wants to see.

Unfolding of The Legacy:
As years rolled by and the educational activities progressed Samiti entered its Silver Jubilee year. A mammoth event was organized under the banner of “National Educational Fair” Rashtreya Shaikshanika Jatre in the year 1999-2000. Eminent personalities, Poojya Swamijis, educationists, and cultural troupes participated. There was a carnival atmosphere in Sedam Town. Nearly 75,000 people participated in this educational Fair.

Dream is Infinite:
Even though the total development of any region is always coupled with educational development it is not only this segment which needs attention for a meaningful change, in the society. Other vital segments of growth like agriculture, industry, health, women empowerment also need to be upgraded. The combined effort in all these segments will eventually usher in the necessary developmental process which will culminate in a developed region. With this mindset Hyderabad Karnataka Abhivrudhi Vibhag, an offshoot of the Samiti was started. It started working in 26 different growth segments. Generous financial assistance given by Infosys Foundation, Bangalore, Prateeksha Trust Bangalore, Sarojini Damodaran Trust Bangalore immensely helped the Samiti to venture into these 26 areas of development. Under the Abhivrudhi Vibhag Scholarship schemes to poor and meritorious students, sewing machines for poor women, workshops for marginal farmers, entrepreneurship programmes for youths, publication of books, CDs, Radio programmes were organized. The area of operation extended to all the five districts of Hyderabad Karnataka Region. Abhivrudhi Vibhag also organized Sharana and Dasa Sahitya Sammelana in Gulbarga and Raichur, Kishkinda Vaibhav in Kishkinda near Gangavati the birth place of Lord Hanuman and a symposium on “Mind & its Development” in Bidar. A mammoth Hyderabad Karnataka Jagriti Jatre, a congregation of more than two lakh people was organized in Sedam in 2005-06 to high light the progress potentialities of the region.

Passionate & Dedicated:
Hyderabad Karnataka Jagruti Jatre succeeded in creating a strong awareness about the existing comparative backwardness in the region and further an urge to eradicate the nameplate “Backward Region” Now it is time to think about development in the new LPG atmosphere i.e., Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization atmosphere. All development activities should be nature friendly and should have a local touch. There should be a healthy balance between the two vital ingredients of the society viz. Culture and material wealth which we call as Samagra Vikasa. With this basic principle Vibhag started working with following aims and objectives.

1. My Village My World
2. Think Globally & Act Locally,
3. The good earth, lazing animals, chirping birds, creeping creepers, buzzing bees, pollinating flowers, water, forest desert are to be preserved and protected.

Samiti was able to attain a quantum leap in the year 2006. There was ripple effect in its activities. In association with the local philanthropic organizations, the Samiti was successful in extending its activities to Adilabad district in Andhra Pradesh, Hajipur in Bihar, Cuttak in Orissa and Jabuva in Madhya Pradesh.

From Event to Movement:
Kalburgi Kampu – Hyderabad Karnataka Abhivrudhi Jatre, the fragrance of Kalburgi a mega event powered by the Samiti was organised in December 2010. The 10 day event was solemnized by eminent personalities like Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, Yoga Guru Swamy Ramadev & many others. More than a million people participated in this mega event. In order to stream line all the developmental activities of the Samiti a new set up VIKASA ACADEMY was constituted in the year 2011. The envisaged focus of the Academy will be agriculture, education, women empowerment, health, rural development and youth affairs. All the growth factors are aimed at the following six cardinal principles.

1. Work culture – Kayaka Sanskriti
2. Spirit of adventure
3. Entrepreneurship
4. Pursuit of excellence
5. Love of nature & Nation
6. Moral values

Development can never be achieved single handedly. The journey needs lot of self energy and constant recharging. Along with this we should also try to energize other like minded organizations too. Social dynamics is the sum total efforts of varied talents and skills aptly synthesized. Some of the activities are

• Parishudh yojana construction of 10,000 toilets in the rural areas of Hyderabad Karnataka region with the financial assistance from Infosys foundation, Bangalore

• Health awareness programs with a motto’ prevention is better than cure’.

• Eco friendly farming practices.

• Santara nadige- krushiya kadege – march of swamijis towards agriculture.

• Quality improvement program in education • 150th birth centenary celebration of Swamy Vivekanand with slogan –youth-worship the terrible.
• CD on kishkinde, the birth place of Lord Hanuman.

Contemporary society has many strengths in its kitty. It should be suitably harnessed, processed and channelised. Academy is just like a gym where different disciplines are given platform to exhibit their talents and hone their skills. The Samiti as of now having established its own status as enumerated above, has successfully passed the conceptual and experimental stages of development and is ready to take off and absorb much larger dimensions. Associations of like minded organizations in days to come should help the cause immensely.

The achievement target of Vikas Academy is as follows.

1. There should be free flow of knowledge and it should be freely accessible.
2. Facilities available in cities should be available in rural areas too
3. Education and health care should be free
4. Value based education
5. Connectivity physical, knowledge, electronic leading to economic Connectivity
6. No hindrance to any individual to grow to his full potentiality.

Miles to go:
As propounded by Bharat Vikasa Sangama, New Delhi our mentor organisation, there are two line of approach for the developmental activities of any region. One is emotional mode and the other philanthropic mode. Former consists of seminars, write ups, and emotional discourses and the latter consists of spread of education, health programmes, entrepreneurship Youth Affairs, Agriculture and Rural Development etc. VIKASA ACADEMY wants to work in both the planes.

Vikas Academy Trustee Member’s

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Shri Basavaraj Patil Sedam

Managing Trustee


Shri Martand Shastri
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Shri V. Shantreddy
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Dr. Allam Prabhu Gudda
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Shri Hanamanthappa Ranappa Teganoor,



Smt. Usha Sharma Patil
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Shri Mahesh Sharma
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Shri Vimal Singh
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